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Quickway relocatable steel buildings may be sited on a variety of semi permanent foundations. A concrete ringbeam or concrete slab with thickened edge beam gives a permanent foundation within days.


Available in weeks, erection is fast due to the simplicity of the folding design.


Quickway Buildings offer a low initial cost with durable long life and may be sited on simple foundations.


Buildings may be re-sited several times without risk of major part replacement.

Delivery direct to your site

Modules are transported by flat bed trailer, the load being 2.9m wide.


Erection is speedily completed by our experienced crews. However, the option of supplying your own labour force is available with or without the guidance of our supervisor.

Extend or Reduce

Accommodation may be extended or reduced simply by adding or taking away modules.

Standard Features

  • The steel framework is painted with high quality zinc phosphate grey primer.
  • Plastisol coated steel flashings cover all external columns, rafters and exposed steels.
  • Translucent roof panels equal approximately 10% of the floor area.
  • The roof is set at a 15 degree pitch for all spans.
  • On insulated buildings, the mineral wool fibreglass infill is covered by profiled bright white painted steel liner sheets fitted to the internal building panels.

Optional Features

  • High quality industrial half round p.v.c. guttering and down pipes are costed and shown as separate items on all quotations.
  • 30 minute / 60 minute fire protection can be achieved if so required.
  • Alterations in building spans and eaves heights can be discussed and evaluated.

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